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How To Enhance Engagement On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most effective marketing platforms available in the modern day. However, providing value is essential in Instagram marketing.
HydroJug was founded on a single, overarching principle: the desire to improve people’s lives. I hoped that by working together, we might make a positive impact on people’s lives through our products and help our partners succeed. I have made it my personal duty to improve the quality of our social media marketing efforts.

One of the most effective ways to reach out to customers is through social media. Instagram in particular offers wonderful possibilities for expanding your brand, expanding your business, and connecting with your customers. We have made Instagram a focal point of our marketing strategy since it allows us to add content from multiple perspectives. But how do you use Instagram to your advantage, both for your business and for the users of the app?

Why do people use Instagram?

Take a statistical look at Instagram. With more than 500 million users, Instagram is a great option for reaching a younger demographic. There are 320 million people aged 18–24 using the site, and another 354 million people aged 25–34. Among them, 73% of young people feel Instagram is the greatest method for marketers to reach them, and each month, 130 million users tap on a shopping post to discover more about products. Users follow and exchange news and accounts as they read them. When something new and exciting occurs, they take notice. Millions of potential customers are waiting to hear about your business on Instagram.

Increase worth in every possible way

Providing value to your followers is essential to Instagram success. All of your freebies and any potential partnerships with influential people must have real value for the recipients. To do so, you must temporarily set aside your own product in favour of focusing on the needs of the target consumer. How does a normal day in their life look like? What are some of their favourite pastimes? What are their financial constraints, and what are their aspirations?
The employees that help you deliver to clients are also part of the value-add concept. You should expect to benefit from working with an influencer just as much as they do from working with you. Each interaction calls for you to think about how your product or service may benefit the other party.

Here at HydroJug, we made the connection between proper hydration, healthy cooking, and improved well-being. So we pondered: What would be the most entertaining approach to benefit HydroJug, influencer partners, and Instagram users by bringing all of this together? We tracked down folks involved in healthy cooking and launched “Tasty Tuesdays,” where chefs from both our page and theirs contributed nutritious dish ideas.

Partnering: Some Things to Think About

Consider a potential partner’s number of fans or following first when discussing a collaboration. The more active and present they are, the better. More essential than raw views is whether or not the content is consistent with the tone of your brand. Even if an influencer or brand only has a modest number of followers, if the content is a perfect fit for your brand, those followers will still find value in what you have to offer. When customers feel like you’re on the same page with them, they’re more likely to make a purchase.
Consider your own personal development as well. Since you don’t yet have as much clout or a solid reputation, it may be more difficult to attract individuals to work with you in the beginning. However, if you’re resourceful, you can find ways to contribute even as a novice. Your standing will grow and improve with time. People and companies will flock to you. Even if your new partners are vastly different from your original ones, your commitment to the same high standards remains unchanged.

Take a moment to consider your own personal starting routine

Instagram and other social media accounts typically fail because their growth stalls. They don’t accomplish anything original; rather, they recycle content from elsewhere without adding anything of value. People aren’t interested in hearing how inactive you are; rather, they want to know how you’re making a difference in the world. They want to see regular individuals just like themselves enjoying and benefiting from your goods. They would rather take part in the discussion than simply read your analysis. People are less inclined to share or engage with anything you simply promote without adding anything to it or making it your own.
But individuality is a real possibility. Consider your own Instagram habits. Why do you visit that site and read those particular articles? Are you getting the kind of content you’re interested in from them? Tell me about some of their most exciting offerings. Take advantage of Instagram’s visual organisation tools to highlight important content, select appropriate titles, and provide readers with more information than they could glean from a cursory review of your website. HydroJug’s account, for instance, features product photos, blog posts, athlete profiles, fitness tips, gift guides, user-generated videos, and account tags. As a result, the area becomes a more engaging and versatile marketing platform. Users can access all of the available data at any time and from any location. If you want users to rely on your account for accurate data or access, take the effort to walk them through the setup process. Connect all of this to your customer service efforts so that your agents are aware of the features of your account and can refer customers there when appropriate.

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