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5 Effective Tips To Get Blue Badge On Instagram?

A staggering 1.21 billion people use Instagram on a monthly basis. That makes this social media network the sixth most popular in terms of global traffic.

There are a select few Instagram profiles out of the millions that exist that have earned the coveted “verified” badge. Many people want that blue checkmark since it indicates reliability and makes them more noticeable.

Instagram verification is not a walk in the park, but neither is it impossible. If you want to know how to get an Instagram blue badge, keep reading.

To get Verified on Instagram: What Does That Mean?

A verified symbol on Instagram indicates that the account is legitimate. A blue tick mark indicates that an Instagram account is real and may be seen by other users when the account likes or comments on their content.
When Instagram first debuted in 2010, the blue checkmark wasn’t included until 2014. The extremely popular social media platform simplified the authentication procedure for its users in August 2018 by introducing a “blue badge” system.
The Benefits of Instagram Verification

It’s only natural for Instagram users to want that coveted blue checkmark as their following grows. If your account is vulnerable to impersonation, you have good reason to seek verification. However, there are many different motivations for starting the verification procedure.

keep your brand safe and help it grow

A blue tick is a useful tool for warding off would-be copycats and saboteurs who could damage your business’s reputation. It sets you apart from the competition, raises brand awareness, and will almost certainly increase your following count.

Use of Additional Functions

Members of the social network who have their profiles verified can use special tools. Instagram users with over 10,000 followers can increase engagement and conversions by using the “swipe up” feature to publish links in their stories. However, Instagram users who have been verified can use this function regardless of their subscriber count.

Builds trust and credibility

The blue badge also increases your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of Instagram’s millions of users. Instagram may not have intended it this way, but the blue badge has become a prestige symbol for those who have earned their followers.

Increased Participation Rate

There are further benefits as well. According to research conducted on Instagram, the interaction rate for verified accounts is 30% greater than that of non-certified ones. It’s not entirely apparent why this is the case, but it could be due to the fact that people are more likely to interact with trustworthy profiles.

You’ll be easier to find by others

Having a higher profile position in search results while consumers are perusing content on Instagram is a major perk of having an Instagram verification badge. They won’t have any trouble locating you and won’t be misdirected to dummy profiles.

If you’re doing well, other companies may want to collaborate with you.
Companies and brands are more keen to work with verified influencers and celebrities. Many doors become accessible with a verification badge.

Five Awesome Suggestions That Will Increase Your Verification Odds

But hold on! We advise that you take the time to read through our expert guidance before rushing to submit your application.

Finalise your Instagram page

Don’t fall at the starting line. A comprehensive profile is required for Instagram to award the coveted blue tick.

As a result, double-check that your Instagram profile has a picture and that your bio is complete. Make sure your profile is not set to private and that you provide accurate and succinct information about yourself or your company. You may also insert a link to your site if you like.

Gain Exposure

To be labelled a “notable” person by Instagram, you need to get your name out there in a natural way. And this might call for some public relations on your part.

One strategy could be to make an appearance on a popular podcast or to guest post on a high-traffic website. Participating in a wide variety of events can help you gain media attention. One possibility is organising or taking part in a community-based charity event.

Boost the number of people who follow you

Although there is no set requirement for the minimum amount of Instagram followers, having a large number of followers will improve your profile’s chances of being accepted. Having a larger number of followers increases your visibility. Furthermore, impersonators are more likely to use your name in fraudulent activities, which is something Instagram wants to prevent.

Your brand will be strengthened, conversions will rise, and more people will visit your site whether or not your application is approved.

Use initiative and put your own spin on your updates

Instagram accounts with just one post can be evaluated for a blue badge, but those with a more active presence who post more frequently will have a better chance. They will be looking for signs of platform activity when they visit your account.

Don’t forget that Instagram only verifies “authentic” and “unique” accounts. Your content should be fresh and unique, and you should change it up by posting a variety of media types including photos, videos, reels, and Instagram Stories.

Interact with your followers and post at optimal times

You should use a variety of strategies to raise your profile, and posting material at times when your target demographic is most likely to be active online is one of them. If you want to increase your organic reach and stand out from the crowd, you need to know when to publish.

Using social media monitoring and analysis platforms like Hootsuite and Iconosquare, you may learn more about your target audience’s online behaviour. The timing of your articles is crucial, and leveraging trending hashtags is a tried and true method of expanding your following.

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