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6 Effective Tips To Grab Customers On Social Media

Social media platforms are a fantastic launch pad for any business owner. There is no other area to locate such a large audience pool, with more than 49% of the world’s population actively using several platforms.

However, prospects and potential clients won’t exactly flock to your business the second you set up an account. To entice them, you’ll need to put in some effort.

You may use a wide variety of methods to get social media users to become consumers. Seven tried and true strategies are outlined below.

Start a Group on Facebook

Your company should have a Facebook profile, of course, but forming a group can help in other ways as well.

To a large extent, groups may be compared to discussion boards. Their primary goal is to stimulate participant participation.

They can pose and answer queries, provide tips to other users, and talk about their own experiences with your company.

You must, however, spend far more time engaging with your group than you do with your page. You can’t just leave the group alone.

You need to engage in as many conversations as possible and reply to as many comments as feasible. The group is an extension of your brand page, and as such, you must continue to provide value to members.

Make good use of it by discussing the content you’ve published on your website, delving into topics of interest, and giving helpful advice.
Take Part in Industry Discussions Customers like to buy from brands they know and like. Earning their trust requires doing things like enlightening them and providing them with useful information.

You can and should accomplish this through your own postings, but expanding your reach requires additional strategies.

This involves engaging in debates about your field not only on your page or in your organisation, but elsewhere on social media as well.

You may track these discussions by searching for related hashtags or keywords.

You may assist someone out without being too salesy by offering advise when you overhear them discussing an issue you can address.

Hold Exciting Online Contests

Who doesn’t like a little healthy rivalry every once in a while? It’s thrilling, you may win something cool, and it’s a lot of fun.

Offering something wonderful at no cost is a surefire approach to increase business, since everyone appreciates freebies.

Third of contest entrants say they are interested in receiving more information from businesses; it’s up to you to keep them engaged and convert them into buyers.

You are free to make whatever kind of competition you like. Encourage your audience to spread the word about your brand by posting engaging content relating to your products or services. Make them do something, whether it’s a chore, an activity, or something else.

Make a Test for the Web

By a wide margin, the most successful method of obtaining new clients via social media is to host online lead quizzes.

They’re a great way to sell your products and services without coming off as pushy while still being entertaining and revealing which “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” character you are.

You can see how useful quizzes are for your business from the fact that the average lead capture rate is 33.6%.

Making an online quiz is quick and easy with the right quiz tool. Just make sure the quiz question is relevant to your company.

Respond Rapidly to Inquiries

More than eighty-five percent of your consumers want a response to their Facebook queries or comments within six hours, and the sooner, the better.

The same professional courtesy and respect should be shown to responding to both good and negative feedback.

Doing so will showcase your stellar customer service and attract new business.

Make a Funny Video

More people watch and interact with videos uploaded on social media. There is an annual increase of 66% in qualified leads for video marketers that use social media.

Making videos is essential if you want to attract clients. Keep the tone of your films light and amusing, since this will appeal to the widest audience.

You may utilise video to introduce yourself and your team, field questions, talk about your past experiences, etc.There is a lot of room for experimentation, and the payoff might be substantial.

Maintain a Regular Posting Routine

Finally, it’s important that you establish and adhere to a regular schedule of blogging. A lack of engagement on your part sends a negative message to your followers, who will see you less favourably as a result.

Experiment with different publishing times until you find one that works well for you. You shouldn’t bombard your fans with meaningless updates, but you should post regularly to sustain their attention.

Make an effort to post to social media many times every week. Delete your account or get a social media manager if you feel overwhelmed.


Finally, the following 7 methods will help you gain a larger social media following and generate more high-quality leads:

  • Building a Facebook community
  • Participating in Discussions Related to Your Field
  • Conducting competitions using social media
  • Using a high-quality quiz maker to create online lead quizzes
  • Responding quickly to questions
  • Making entertaining videos
  • Consistently updating content

These procedures are straightforward and may yield remarkable results if followed. Keep in mind that these are excellent methods; it is up to you to choose how they fit into your overall approach.

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