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Influencer Marketing Strategies On Instagram

The rise of the influencers has been meteoric. They need just possess a smartphone equipped with a camera and a single popular social media app to become influential. They are a great marketing tool for businesses, regardless of whether they have millions or a few thousand followers on sites like Instagram or TikTok.

The success of any marketing strategy depends on your ability to identify the right influencers to work with and the best channels to promote your efforts. Below is a bar chart from Statista to help you decide which social media site to use for your influencer marketing campaign.

Today, we’ll discuss Instagram’s (now the fifth most popular) influencer marketing tactics.
Instagram started off as a simple photo-sharing software, but it has now evolved into much more. It has quickly become a go-to platform for influential people and companies alike. It’s a great way for marketers to connect with their intended consumers, and it gives influencers a platform to disseminate original material to their fan bases.

We’ll be discussing three Instagram features that might help your influencer marketing efforts.

Three Ways to Market with Instagram Influencers

Instagram’s Typical Update

Most Instagram users simply scroll through the regular feeds of other users. That’s why it comes as no surprise that firms use this method when planning an Instagram influencer marketing strategy. If a user’s post makes it to Instagram’s featured page (top posts), it will be seen to both the user’s followers and Instagram’s general public.

However, there is no assurance that your work will always be seen by the people you want it for. Instagram uses algorithms (a set of criteria programmed into its software) to decide which posts are shown to which users and in which feeds. A user’s preferences are taken into account as one of the factors. Instagram will not display Howard’s promotional materials for his laptop screen wiper blades if its users are uninterested in seeing them.

Instagram advertisements are the greatest solution to this problem. Advertisements can be targeted to certain demographics. Instagram advertising is at its lowest price point yet, making this the ideal moment to jump on board.

True tales don’t die off that easily

Instagram’s Stories feature is a powerful influencer marketing tool, and you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already. There are still large audiences for tales despite their short lifespan of 24 hours. Users, like with regular postings, can become lost in Stories for hours on end. Followers often see posts from those they don’t actually know. Working with an influencer who already has a dedicated fan base may do wonders for your company’s visibility.

You may also have the “swipe up” function implemented by collaborating with influencers who have more than 10,000 followers. This feature enables you to send Instagram users to your website or other promotional content.

You may also use Instagram’s Highlights feature (which is connected to Stories) for influencer marketing purposes. It’s a space to feature your best Stories, just under your bio. From the Stories archive, you may pull them to add to the Highlights, where they will remain accessible indefinitely or until you delete them.

An Instagram influencer with expertise will know how to promote your company through Stories Highlights.

Time To Receive Reels

The popularity of extremely brief video clips peaked at one point. In the past, YouTube restricted users from uploading videos longer than 10 minutes. Users would have to cut the tape into various segments and post them to YouTube as separate videos if the programme lasted more than 10 minutes.

Then there came the 6-second comedic sketch app Vine. There was a time when Instagram videos could only be one minute long. The ability to make and share extended videos on Instagram was later added. The decision to keep watching, however, rests with the spectator.

Instagram wants to get back into the short-form game after seeing the success of rival app TikTok, which specialises in even shorter videos. Therefore, they implemented Reels. Video posts that are 15 seconds or fewer in length go into this category. Instagram Reels is a video editing app that, like TikTok, gives you access to a library of music and visual effects to make your movies stand out.

Therefore, it is essential to maximise the use of Reels if Instagram is to become your preferred medium for influencer marketing.

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