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Advertising on Instagram Reels: A Comprehensive Guide

It was just a matter of time until Instagram began rolling out Instagram Reels advertisements, as the feature is now available throughout the world. This implies you and your company may now use this interesting material to expand your Instagram following.

To a large extent, Instagram Reels advertisements are identical to any other kind of Instagram ad. Only an advertisement’s creativity, copy, and targeting criteria need to be created. In this article, we’ll focus on these issues.

Can You Use Instagram to Market a Reel?

You may use your current Reels or make brand new movies specifically for the promotion, and neither one has to be uploaded to your Instagram feed. You can’t do it in the Instagram app as you do with ordinary feed postings; instead, you need to use Facebook Ads Management.

Instagram Reels Ads: What Are They?

Reels advertisements will pop up in the highly frequented areas to display Reels output. The Reels section of your feed, Explore, and the Reels tab are all part of this. Users who select a reel from the Reels Tab, Explore, or feed will be sent to a viewer that only supports vertically scrolling reels.

Inspiring new content from companies and creators may be shared with a wider audience thanks to these advertisements.

Ads in Reels are full screen and vertical, like those in Stories, and will display in the spaces between each Reels. These commercials, like the rest of Reels’ material, will play indefinitely for up to 30 seconds at a time. Commercials on Reels may be discussed, liked, seen, saved, and shared.

To What Extent Will People Notice My Instagram Advertising on Reels?

Your Reels advertisements can be seen by Instagram users in three distinct ways:

In the main menu, select the Reels option.
Check out this page
Ads for businesses’ Instagram Reels home feeds appear in the same sections of the app where users may see unpaid Reels content. Companies may easily grab the target audience’s attention as they scroll through comparable information thanks to this.

Advertisement Reels on Instagram: How to Create Them?


Before you can start advertising on Instagram, you must first link your account to your Facebook profile (through Settings > Accounts Centre > Set Up Accounts Centre).

A Company or Creative Instagram account is required.

If you aren’t repurposing a current Instagram post, you should also have the advertising content (music, ad copy, etc.) ready to go. Ad creative for Reels should be appropriately proportioned.

Dimensions of Instagram Videos

The recommended file size for a Reels is 1080 by 1920 pixels, with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Management Tool for Facebook Advertising

The next step is to visit your Facebook profile’s Advertising Management by logging in. Your advertisements may be made right now.
By clicking the Create button, you can begin making your ad unit.

Aspirational Statement for Ads

This is a crucial stage in the process.

You may now select your desired advertising outcome. Keep in mind that Reels advertising won’t always get you where you need to go. While making a Reel advertisement, you are only allowed to select from the following options:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Target Audience
  • Brand Awareness
  • Video Views
  • App Downloads

Planned Actions

If you have ever used Facebook Ads Manager to create advertisements on Instagram, you will recognise each of the following stages.

Prepare a daily spending plan.
Choose a date for the ad.
Configure your options for reaching your intended audience

Manual Placements

Manual placements can be made on the same page as the first budget and audience selection. Your advertisement will be featured there.

Use this placement only, without combining it with any others, to see how your Reels advertisements perform in a test environment. This way, you can monitor the efficacy of your adverts and avoid wasting money.

Instagram Reels may be found in the Stories and Reels section once you select manual placements. To disable all but Instagram Reels, click the button.

Advertising Personalization

Ad setup include giving your ad a name, selecting an Instagram account to promote it (if you haven’t already), and either uploading a brand-new video, repurposing an old post, or making a video from scratch. Ad caption text and a tracking URL must also be added.

It is recommended to preview the advertisement before to its release. The preview is your chance to catch any problems with the advertisement before it goes live. You can go forward if you are satisfied with what you see.


It’s time to hit the Publish button; everything is ready to go. If approved, your ad will be shown on Instagram Reels to users who fit your specified demographic and geographic parameters.

Advertising on Instagram Stories: Some Guidelines

Read the Playback Script

You’ll want to make the most of the 15-30 seconds you have to get across all the points you want to convey in your Reel. Don’t drag it out for too long, or you risk boring your users to death. Say what you need to in the first ten to fifteen seconds.

Additionally, you might want to edit the video in multiple scenes instead of filming it all in one go.

Profit from Instagram’s Analytic Tools for Reels

Our advice is to create Reels for your personal Instagram account before using them to promote your business. Try your followers’ reactions to numerous different Reels you upload to your profile.

In addition, Reels Insights is a new feature on Instagram that may help you determine what kinds of posts your followers respond to best.

Insert Words 

Many Instagram users choose to view Reels and stories without sound, so it’s important to caption your videos if you want to convey a message. But, you shouldn’t make the content vanish too rapidly, and you shouldn’t cram in too many lines all at once. All of your viewers will be able to participate in the video discussion by using captions.

It may seem counterintuitive, but just because many Television viewers don’t turn on the sound doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

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