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A Guide to 2023 Instagram Trends that Will Surely Break the Internet

It’s imperative that there be a foolproof method for making your Instagram posts go viral. Since Instagram doesn’t provide any information on what makes postings popular, most users probably chalk up Instagram’s virality to pure chance.

That’s the good news. A portion of this is correct. Because your chances of becoming viral on Instagram may be greatly increased by a well-thought-out marketing campaign.

Let’s go through some tried and true methods for making your Instagram account go popular. What constitutes “viral” material on Instagram will be discussed first, followed by strategies for creating such content.

Why does certain material become popular on Instagram?

Instagram photos that receive thousands of likes and comments and are shown prominently on the app’s explore tab are considered viral.

There is a lot more interaction with viral content. This is how you know for sure if your post connected with Instagram’s algorithm and users.

Instagram posts that become viral usually receive a million or more likes and comments. The photo-sharing software has a wide range of content that can become viral.

Different Instagram subcultures have different thresholds for what constitutes a viral hit in terms of likes and comments. If the average number of likes for posts in your niche and by your rivals is 20,000, and your post has 50,000 likes, it is deemed viral.

In other words, your Instagram post has gone viral if and only if:

  • Has more individual engagement than any of your previous content thus far
  • noticeably more engagement (likes, shares, comments) than other entries in your feed
  • Gets you comments and shares far more quickly than any of your previous material ever has
  • Even after you’ve uploaded it, people are still responding to it.

When you want your Instagram post to become viral, what do you do?

To make your Instagram post become viral, you need to set off the app’s algorithm. With that in mind, focus on the following three areas:

Participate more actively. Use conversational cues to encourage audience participation. Try striking up conversations with others in your niche and local area. This makes people more likely to follow your account and enjoy your posts.
Publish engaging content that serves a purpose. It’s important to keep in mind that content of higher quality and more interest is more likely to become viral.
Provide regular updates. Instagram engagement may be boosted by posting often and ideally during peak user hours.
Content on Instagram is timely, informative, and engaging. For this reason, you should focus on producing high-quality content and increasing your interaction if you want to see your Instagram account go viral.

How to Become an Instagram Sensation?

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, we can get into the meat of the article: the actual tactics you can employ to increase the likelihood that your Instagram post will go viral. Some tried-and-true advice to aid you:

Publish original content that readers will like

The first step is to have a thorough understanding of your ideal customer. Determine the intended audience. Develop or revise your “buyer persona” to better understand your target audience.

You can determine the best time to publish, the sort of content to share, and the demographics of your audience (age, gender, occupation, and hobbies, for example) to maximise engagement. If you’re a beauty influencer, you may aim your material at millennials and retirees interested in cosmetics, respectively.

Acquire knowledge via observation and introspection

Keeping tabs on what is trending on Instagram is another strategy for achieving viral success.

So, it is important to delve into your analytics. In the event that some postings have received more engagement than others, analyse why this is the case. Now that you know what works to get people interested, you can include it into future pieces. If you think a certain hashtag has increased the visibility of your posts, use it frequently in your descriptions.

Psst! You don’t have to rely just on Instagram’s built-in Analytics. Alternatively, you can monitor the success of your content with the aid of a social media management tool like ContentStudio.

Always be aware of the current trends

Have you observed a trend in postings about a certain challenge or hashtag on Instagram’s Explore page? If that’s the case, you should include some material about it to your usual output.

To gain Instagram fame, recreate viral content and add your own spin on it. To maximise your chances of going viral, you must post at the exact appropriate time; anything published after a trend has petered out will receive far less attention.

Increase the number of Instagram highlight videos you post

Similar to the music videos you see on the app TikTok, reels consist of short clips set to music.

Make more of these kinds of video posts on Instagram if you want to raise your profile’s chances of becoming viral. As this is a “quite new” addition, Instagram is putting in great effort to promote interesting reels.

When it comes to Instagram, what kind of highlight reels should you create? Reels set to popular music are a great way to ride the wave of popularity in your field. Keep in mind that to get people to watch your reels, they need to be both excellent quality and interesting.

Collaborate with industry leaders on Instagram

Instagram Collabs is a new feature that has been added to the platform in recent years. With this new function, two Instagrammers can write the same post together.

Both authors’ Instagram accounts will display the collaborative post. Because of this, it benefits from the attention of two audiences, leading to more interaction. Remember that Instagram favours posts that get traction rapidly, which is why Instagram Collabs is such a useful tool for increasing your chances of becoming viral.

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