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How Does Instagram Algorithm Work In 2023?

Instagram’s algorithms are always changing, so it’s important for creators and brands to stay up-to-date if they want their content to get excellent interaction. Learn all there is to know about Instagram’s formulas in 2023 right here.
Instagram success is as much about data analytics as it is about creativity because there is so much competition for people’s attention online and so little time to reach your audience.

While Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has been vocal about the company’s evolution, he has also emphasised that the service’s core mission of “bringing people together over the things that they love” will remain unchanged.

Learning how the algorithms for various content categories function will allow you to make more informed decisions regarding what to post, where to post it, and when to post it. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Instagram’s logic in 2023.

The 2023 Instagram algorithm

Let’s get the notion that an invisible algorithm lies at the heart of Instagram’s operation out of the way first. In fact, Mosseri revealed that numerous algorithms are in play, each of which analyses a specific subset of information and user behaviour.

The purpose of this is to increase interaction and keep users on the site for as long as feasible. Now, these algorithms are constantly changing as Instagram adds and removes functions to adapt to users’ tastes.

The Instagram algorithm: how does it work?

Your content’s ranking is determined by the following three factors:

Considerations such as how closely you are connected to this user (via following, commenting, or messaging)
What the person like to consume, taking into account their individual preferences. If a user frequently views articles about fashion or hiking, for instance, the algorithm will prioritise providing them with similar articles.
First, the system favours recently published content over older pieces. Given that we’re discussing social media, even posts that are 12 to 24 hours old may be considered stale. Second, it considers the user’s overall involvement with the service.

Formula for Instagram’s News Feed

Only posts made by the user’s friends and family (those they are following and interacting with) will appear in the feed. Instagram uses thousands of signals to determine how to categorise material, but these are the four most important ones.

The algorithm considers factors such as the number of likes, comments, shares, and clicks to assess a post’s popularity. Other factors include the post’s location and how long it is.
A poster’s popularity can be gauged by counting the number of times other users have interacted with it. It’s for this reason that maintaining a regular posting schedule and engaging with followers via comments and direct messages is crucial.
User familiarity with the poster is taken into account to gauge the likelihood of a user sharing, commenting, or clicking on the post in question.

In order to prevent users from seeing too much of the same profile, Instagram’s algorithm will lower that profile’s visibility in the feed.

Calculating Instagram Stories

In a manner analogous to the feed algorithm, Stories gives more weight to posts from friends and family members. Instagram introduced a new way for its users and their friends to share their daily lives through a beta test of a feature called “Stories” at the end of last year.

Hashtags and stickers are two more tools you can use to boost participation. You can add a poll to your post to find out which of your shared items is most popular, or you can add a question sticker to gauge audience reaction.

Reel-based Instagram algorithm

If you’re not making the most of Reels (and video content in general) on Instagram, you’re leaving views (and money) on the table in 2022. According to HubSpot’s 2023 Engagement Report, more than 50% of the most popular 2022 hashtags related to videos or Reels.

Instagram has gone to great efforts to analyse what its users find humorous or engaging, and the platform’s “reels” are designed to do just that.

3 best strategies for outsmarting Instagram’s AI

Getting the system to prefer our content and display it to more users just takes some deliberate effort and strategic planning. To explain how:

Always the Best Answer

Instagram values regularity because it increases interaction and keeps users hooked. Determine a routine that works for you, and keep to it. Aim for a frequency of two to five feed posts each week; Mosseri suggests “a couple feed posts a week, and a couple stories a day” to keep your brand in the minds of your readers.

Put up more reels

Instagram is open about its decision to prioritise video. Since their introduction a few years ago, reels have seen widespread use; thus, you may choose to increase production of these products. With a 20.59% reach and 1.90% engagement rate, Reels are the most successful video format on the platform.

Publish Third-Rate Material

Instagram’s ideology is based largely on the power of eye-catching images. stuff that features unique, high-quality photographs and videos will naturally rank higher than stuff that doesn’t. Don’t use stock images or generic models to represent your goods. Instead, you could prove that you’re genuine and personable by posting videos and photos of your employees or consumers.


Social media can be a fantastic arena for interacting with your target demographic and expanding your consumer base as a business grows. Instagram in particular presents businesses with an exceptional chance to capitalise on the power of visual imagination in advertising their wares.

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