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The Best Ways To Conduct Your Own Instagram Evaluation

You probably already know the many ways in which Instagram can help your company if you’re using it. Maintaining a strong presence on Instagram requires frequent audits of your Instagram Business Account. This will help you achieve success on Instagram and realise your ambitions.

Changing your password and activating two-factor verification are crucial steps in conducting an Instagram account check. You should also check the list of apps that have access to your Instagram and remove the ones you don’t use or trust.

You can check how well your Instagram audit serves your brand’s goals by first conducting an audit of those goals.

Improve the Quality of Your Instagram Posts

The time has come to begin the content assessment.

Content Feeding

Check the first 9-12 photos in your Instagram stream to make sure they communicate your brand’s message and the reason your account exists. Make sure the graphic style follows your brand standards and describes your services. Think about whether or not a newcomer to your site could get the gist of your business from a selection of these pictures and their descriptions.

Single-image posts, carousels, IGTV, Reels, and both commercial and non-promotional captions are all important components of a well-rounded stream. This prevents your page from appearing overly promotional.


If you want more people to interact with your content, learn more about your brand, and buy what you’re selling, Instagram Stories is a great tool to use.

It’s important to keep your Stories branded consistently. Use polls and inquiries, as well as the other accessible stickers, to increase participation and visibility.


Live meetings are a great way to interact with your community. When you go “live” on Instagram, your followers can interact with you in the moment. It’s a great method for talking to professionals and clients. Instagram live has been put to some incredible uses by companies, so if you haven’t yet and it fits your goals, give it a shot!


People who use IGTV have a better chance of being featured on Instagram’s Explore tab, which can significantly increase their audience size. No matter how many followers you have, you can use the link function in Stories to direct people to your IGTV videos.

This makes it simple to send viewers to additional video segments. You can take advantage of IGTV’s exposure by uploading some of your most famous YouTube videos to the network over time if you already have a large library of high-quality videos.

Examine the Data in Your Account

The moment has come to evaluate your progress towards your original objectives.


You need an Instagram Business Account with access to the Insights function if you want to keep tabs on your measurable and even some of your qualitative KPIs.

Instagram’s Insights tab lets you monitor data like your audience’s location, gender and age distribution, and the number of people who follow you. By keeping an eye on these indicators, you can find out how to attract more viewers in a specific region or demographic.


Here you can keep tabs on all the profile views, website hits, and email correspondence that you’ve been involved in. Conversion rate optimisation should be one of your key performance indicators.

The finding tab allows you to monitor how many people saw your content and how often. You can use this to monitor your vulnerability. You can see if your content is turning viewers into followers over a specific time frame by comparing these measures with your follower development.


Using Instagram Insights, you can assess how well individual posts in your stream and Stories are doing. This is especially helpful for figuring out whether your community responds better to picture posts, Reels, or Stories, and then putting more time and effort into making those types of content.

To determine your engagement rate, simply divide your total number of likes and remarks by the total number of your subscribers.

Examine Your Attempts at Involvement

Instagram is most useful for communicating and interacting with others. Take a moment to examine your recent posts and ensure that you have reacted carefully to remarks and had authentic conversations with your fans.

Is there a specific article that got a lot of likes and comments? If so, think about what made them so popular, and incorporate those aspects into your own work whenever possible. If you work on increasing your engagement, you can improve your connection with your followers and attract more people to your Instagram account.

Don’t give the idea to your followers that you’re ignoring them by failing to respond to their private messages.

It’s crucial that you actively monitor and react quickly to all the interest and messages sent to your page.

Analyze Your Fan Base

Always keep an eye out for phoney or automated profiles. Keeping a large number of Instagram users engaged requires this. Keep in mind that false and bot accounts will not interact with your content and will never convert into devoted patrons. To protect the integrity of your fan base, you should routinely check for and delete fake profiles.

If you screen the accounts that follow you and remove the spammy ones (those with no pictures or fans, for example), you can keep your audience clean and engaged.

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