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Here Are 7 Ways To Make Your Instagram Carousel Posts More Interesting And Successful

Even if Instagram carousel posts are already one of the most engaging post types, you may improve its performance by following these 7 simple guidelines.

Carousel posts are a new feature on Instagram.

In case you aren’t aware, “album-style” postings in your feed can feature up to ten photographs or images all at once.

When someone first views the post in their feed, the cover photo will be the first image they see. However, if the user doesn’t interact with it, it will appear again in the stream, this time presenting the following image.

First, always keep the copy and content basics in mind.

Keep in mind that a carousel on Instagram is only another example of strategic writing.

If it helps, you may even come up with a rough draught of the post in the style of an article, and then convert it into a carousel.

The ability to read your audience and address them as individuals is a powerful tool.

You should “scroll topper” the first image.

The hook, or “above the fold” real estate, of a carousel is the very first image.

The first picture should function as a banner ad or a headline.

The additional photos and description in the carousel can accomplish the post’s other aims and convey the core point effectively.

In a picture carousel, the initial image should ideally be the most captivating one.

The opening slide of an infographic should have a succinct, attention-grabbing message that compels viewers to continue reading.

Get People To Swipe Right

You want to keep visitors scrolling once you’ve caught their interest on the first slide.

If you hadn’t already guessed, the post is a carousel, and just one line should have tipped you off. It piques interest for those who weren’t immediately drawn in to swipe right before reading it.

As an additional visual cue, companies and influencers often include an arrow pointing to the right in all except the last image. Alternately, you may have a single line or form that “stretches” over every picture.

Ensure that each slide may be used independently.

You need each presentation slide to function independently.

Have you ever been reading through your own profile on Instagram when you came across a carousel for another company and felt compelled to add every single slide to your stories?

Maintain a consistent approach

Make sure that in your haste to give each image its own identity, you don’t end up with ten separate visuals instead of a unified slideshow.

Having a consistent brand identity across all channels, including Instagram, is beneficial.

As soon as you master making smooth carousels, you can work on making the rest of your articles flow as well.

Stay Clear of Data Overload

Keep in mind that just because you have an extra 10 minutes to write your piece doesn’t imply you should write 10 times as much as usual.

Instagram carousels are best approached with the realisation that you have far more real estate at your disposal to communicate the same amount of information.

Keep Access in Mind

Finally, remember that the more photographs you include in your Instagram posts, the more you’ll have to make accessible for individuals with visual impairments.

If you don’t make your information accessible to people with disabilities, you’re ignoring a sizable audience.

Never Stop the Taps!

Following these guidelines, you’ll be able to create Instagram carousel posts that get far more engagement than a single image.

This is one of the best strategies to increase your Instagram engagement, both in terms of the number of likes and comments your photos receive.

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