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What To Ask In An Instagram Poll To Get The Most Responses

You’re in luck if you want to boost your Instagram poll’s views and user interaction with a set of copy-and-paste poll questions.

From life coaches to food bloggers, everyone may benefit from this massive collection of 143 poll questions.

Instagram Stories Polls: What Are They?

Instagram stories’ interactive sticker is where you’ll find polling options.

The poll results are available as soon as the last responder submits their vote.

There are three main benefits for social media marketing firms to using an Instagram Story poll.

To begin with, a poll is an example of interactive content that may grab the attention of your client’s ideal customers. And depending on the nature of your inquiry, they may be loads of fun to respond to.

The second is that you may learn a lot about your target market by conducting surveys.

Instagram question templates for polls

The best way to structure poll questions for your clients will change from one campaign to the next.

Below you’ll find examples of Instagram poll question formats commonly used by users.

That or this

Instagram polls that allow users to pick between two options are a terrific approach to get people thinking about your customers’ goals and limit the conversation down to specific details.

To promote a client’s retail goods or fashion campaign, you may, for instance, conduct a versus-style survey. It may also be used for investigating the market and its competitors.

If so, then

Use a Yes/No poll to quickly gauge your audience’s opinion on a service, feature, or issue.

Using this method, you may learn more about your client’s target demographic and their preferences in real time while also having some fun.

Selectable emoticons

Instagram polls with reaction stickers or emoji sliders make collecting viewer feedback more engaging.

To incorporate emoji into your Instagram Story, pick the Stickers icon and then the Emoji Slider.

The polling function allows users to rate how much they love something on a sliding scale rather than picking or supplying responses to your client’s poll questions.

A viewer can express their enthusiasm by selecting the “heart eyes” emoji.

To make the poll questions more branded for each client and increase audience involvement, consider utilising emojis connected with each brand.

Choose one:

To persuade people to choose between two options, use “Would You Rather” questions in your polls.

Instagram polls like this are interesting because they encourage viewers to daydream about what they would like.

Make sure your situations are presented simply and concisely so that it just takes a few seconds to grasp the question.

Five Best Practices for Creating 2022 Instagram Poll Questions

Here are some short reminders to help you get the most out of your Instagram polls:

Put in cliffhangers (for polls with a correct answer)

Instagram polls are a great way to get people to visit your client’s website. It’s clever to include a link sticker that directs readers to the client’s website and caption it with a call-to-action, such as “tap here for the answer!”

To vote, use a slider with emojis

Sliding scale polls based on emojis are a fun way to get a variety of responses from Instagram followers.

The polling system is also quite adaptable. You may change the emoji and the question, and add other stickers and text to create your own unique expression.

Give them the option of the better option.

Whatever the topic, if you and your client can’t decide between two possibilities, the audience can. Ask your customer which version of a newly released product they like most.

Conduct Tests

To conduct a poll on Instagram story, you may use the platform to host a multiple-choice quiz. The only variation is that there is room for up to four solutions instead of two.

Time your polls strategically

Choose a time of day when you typically have the most viewers to increase the exposure of your client’s poll.

Start by releasing new Tales on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 11 AM and 12 PM. You should monitor user activity and adjust your posting frequency accordingly.

Use Vista Social to set up a regular schedule of automatic social media posts for your customer. This includes Instagram and any other relevant platforms.

Streamline your marketing efforts on social media.

Keeping up with Instagram polls is more difficult than it seems. The planning and implementation phase can be taxing for agencies due to the large number of questions that may arise.

Because it automates so many social media duties, Vista Social is a huge time-saver for social media marketers. This include selecting material, automating initial comments, and content scheduling.

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