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Marketers in 2023: Here Are Instagram Stats You Should Know

Data from Instagram in general

1. In terms of global traffic, Instagram is quite popular.

Semrush reports that, with 4.25 billion monthly visitors, Instagram is one of the top 10 most-visited websites in the world.

Even if the majority of visitors access the site using the mobile app, it’s helpful to know that some readers may be accessing your content on a desktop or laptop computer. This implies that not everyone will be able to read app-exclusive content like product tags. It’s helpful to include product names in captions so that people who are moved to make a purchase online may easily find what they’re looking for.

2. The word “Instagram” is the ninth most-Googled keyword.

Facebook, YouTube, and “weather” all have more monthly searches than Instagram, but this is still a significant quantity and another evidence that your audience may be accessing your material through a browser, be it a mobile one or a desktop one.

3.Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app in the world.

Instagram has 1.386 billion daily active users, making it fourth only behind Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp in terms of worldwide active users.

4. The percentage of exclusive Instagram users is barely 0.1%.

Instagram users are 99.9% more likely to be active on another social network. For instance, 83% of Instagram users also use Facebook, while 56% use Twitter and 52% use TikTok.

5. In terms of downloads, Instagram dominates everywhere.

After Facebook and WhatsApp, TikTok ranks second. Considering the fact that the Instagram app first appeared on the App Store in 2010, it’s quite an accomplishment.

6. More than 2 billion people use Instagram each month.

According to the most recent Meta earnings conference, the number of Instagram users has increased to above 2 billion per month from the previously reported 1.386 billion daily users.

Following are some facts about Instagram users that shed light on the most prominent categories that make up Instagram’s massive user base.

7. Instagram users are predominantly male (52.2%).

And the percentage of women is 49.2 percent.

This is a shift from prior years, when female attendees made up a somewhat larger percentage of the crowd. Regardless of your target audience’s sex makeup, this is a crucial medium.

8. Instagram is used by 47% of all people in the US.

According to Pew Research, Instagram has approximately 50 percent of the adult U.S. population. Furthermore, Forrester discovered that 40% of all individuals in the United States regularly use Instagram. In other words, advertisers, it’s not all about Generation Z.

9. Instagram Stories has 996 million users that might see your ads.

1.32 billion people may see your post if it were featured on the main feed. Is it safe to assume that advertisers would have more success in the main feed? The opposite is true. The answer lies in the habits of your target demographic.

You may use Instagram analytics to see if your audience is paying more attention to your Stories or regular feed postings. Ad placement on Instagram is complicated, and this is only one piece of information to know.

In a typical month, the most prolific businesses will share 17 Stories.
Social media managers should use this as a reminder to take some time off when they feel overwhelmed. You may confidently decline your boss’s daily Stories content request if you know that the most active businesses are posting every other day on average.

There are 758.5 million people that might see your ads on Reels.

Ads in feeds may reach up to 1.32 billion people, while those in Stories can reach up to 996 million. This will likely shift in the following year when Reels advertising gain popularity.

10. Reels are shared 1 billion times every day in direct messages.

Direct Messages! The threat of dark social networks is quite serious. It’s common knowledge that reels are the most effective way to promote your Instagram account to individuals who don’t already follow you. You may use Reels in this way to reach an wider audience.

11.Thirty percent of Instagram users’ time is spent watching reels.

In fact, this figure has increased by 50% since Q2 2022, when it was stated to have grown by 20%. Make 2023 the year you finally implement your plan to dominate the Instagram Reels market for short-form videos.

12. 21% of U.S. Adults in Generation Z utilise Reels on a weekly basis.

The percentage of Generation Z users who log in to TikTok at least once per week is significantly higher than the percentage of users that upload Instagram Reels. However, a sizable percentage of Instagram’s youthful user base continues to watch these clips.

You can’t just publish your TikToks to Reels and hope for views because of this and the Instagram user numbers we saw above, which revealed a significant overlap between the Instagram and TikTok audiences. To emphasise the point, it is usually recommended to develop unique content for each platform.

13. 5.4% of all Instagram ad impressions over Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday were reels.

Even while it’s still a very low number, it’s a huge jump over last year’s 0.9% during the same critically essential shopping season. As a novel form of advertising, reels provide an excellent opportunity for exploration and development.

14. Indian musicians account for 15 of the top 20 most-used tracks on Instagram Reels.

As we mentioned up above, this is likely because India has more Instagram users than any other country.

You may learn more about the location of your own Instagram audience with the use of analytics. Never presume that your followers share your cultural experiences or even your region of residence (or continent).

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