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How To Leverage Instagram Stories For Brand Growth?

More than 200 million Instagram users check out commercial content every day. In addition, a whopping 58% of Instagrammers said that seeing a business or product in Stories piqued their interest in it. An further 50% have said they had clicked over to a website to make a purchase after seeing something they liked in a story.

Those are some very staggering figures. There’s no denying the enduring power of stories; if your company hasn’t already, it’s time to join on the bandwagon.

Reviewing Instagram’s Popular Story Function

We’re guessing you already know what Instagram Stories are. After all, since 2016, these vertical, time-limited photographs and videos have proliferated over Instagram.

Snapchat may have popularised this format, but Stories have now taken on a life of their own, becoming one of the most cherished aspects of every major social media network.

Unless you save them to your profile as highlights, the photographs and videos you post to Instagram’s “Stories” feature will disappear after 24 hours on your profile, in your Feed, and in direct messages.

The benefits of using Instagram Stories in advertising

Since its introduction, Instagram Stories have developed similarly to other new features. While the central idea (vanish after 24 hours) hasn’t changed, a number of additional features have been added. 

The one constant is that people value stories more than any other type of material when it comes to genuineness. Instagram stories have long been a method for users to reveal more about themselves than what meets the eye. 

This applies to both personal and company Instagram accounts. In a recent survey, 47% of Instagrammers said that the feature enabled them to be more genuine when interacting with loved ones.

Expand your audience

When you publish a new Instagram Story, your profile will be highlighted in a different colour and shown in a circle around your followers’ Instagram feed. When you post a new Story, your followers may occasionally be alerted to the fact. As a result, your Instagram Stories will receive a lot more attention than regular posts.

Thus, your Stories material can potentially reach more people than your articles. You may increase your Instagram following by posting many Stories in a row or at different times of the day.

Create interest in your website and draw people in

You are well aware that Instagram does not permit the inclusion of active links. However, you should take use of the fact that you may post links on your Stories. Incorporate links into your content at every opportunity.

If you’re an online store and you post photos of your items in action, label each photo with a product sticker so your followers can easily find it again when they want to buy. 

Place adverts in Instagram Stories

Instagram has a massive user base, with an estimated 1.22 billion people reachable via ads. Using Instagram Stories for marketing purposes is likewise a no-brainer. Ads on Instagram Stories are seamlessly interspersed with user-generated content, giving the impression that they are part of the Story itself. 

Participate more actively

Last but not least, Instagram Stories are significant since they eventually effect your engagement, one of the platform’s most crucial metrics. Brands may increase their visibility and foster active online communities by using entertaining and engaging narratives to spread their message. 
Here Are the 4 Elements of a Winning Instagram Story Plan

How do you make the most of Instagram Stories as part of your digital marketing strategy if they are as crucial as we claim they are? Some advice is as follows:

Establish your visual persona

Consider how you want your brand to come across on Stories first and foremost. Obviously this isn’t written in stone. (nothing ever is, in the social media world). You should give some thought to whether or not Stories is the right place for your brand’s voice.

Instagram Stories might be the place to share these kinds of candid, unfiltered behind-the-scenes glimpses. You may create your own unique appearance for your Stories by starting from scratch, or you can choose one of the many available readymade themes. 

Update often

It’s not enough to post a new Story every other day and wait for Instagram popularity to find you. Stories may be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, but only if you commit to them often. 

Despite its seeming simplicity, this is a great strategy to increase the number of people that view your Stories. We’ve already established that posting to Instagram’s Story feature increases your chances of being viewed by placing your content at the very top of a user’s feed.

Prompt conversation (use stickers)

Instagram Stories already have many of cool interactive features like using Stickers built in. If you want your Stories to go viral and boost your engagement, you need to employ Stickers to get your followers involved. Some thoughts:

  • Stick on polls may be used for anything from serious research to pure fun.
  • Get to know your followers better by asking them questions or having them ask you questions.
  • Include humorous GIFs.
  • Solicit private messages from your fans. 
  • Stick links on items’ packaging to encourage customers to visit your website.
  • Add calls-to-action 
  • You can get your audience to do what you want them to after watching your Stories by including clear calls to action in those Stories. A simple product link or direct message (DM) request might do the trick. 

Timetable your narratives

If you want to be serious about your Instagram Stories approach, scheduling and automation are essential. Instagram promotion may turn into a full-time job in itself. That’s why it may be so helpful to use a scheduling tool to prepare Instagram posts in advance.

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