The Most Powerful TikTok Analytic Ideas That Help Your Brand Reach

TikTok is the first platform to reach all over the world within four years. TikTok is a great platform for all digital marketers. Although, it is only the most popular consumer app with 2 billion downloads in the year 2019. One of the major features of this app is its analytics to measure all over the TikTok account’s performance. 

Recently it provided a native analytics tool named TikTok pro account. It is a new analytics dashboard to analyze the audience’s insights and the performance of all the contents. The TikTok pro account is similar to the Instagram creator account. But many of them don’t know this feature.

The mission of this article is to understand the most powerful TikTok analytics feature that helps to reach your account worldwide. 

TikTok Pro Account 

Like other social media platforms, if you have a business account, you can track your performance. But, for the TikTok platform, you need to have a pro account to measure all the performance. But the process of updating a pro account is very simple. Just go to the settings page of your profile, then click ‘manage your account option.’ You will see the option ‘switch to pro account’ at the bottom of your page. Once you register a Pro account, you can go back to the settings menu, and you will see the option “Analytics.”  

TikTok Analytics

Once you update your pro account, you will be able to understand all about the TikTok performance account. Then it displays three main categories, such as profile overview, follower insights, and content insights. All of these metrics give deeper results. 

Content Insights

Content analytics is one of the powerful insights for all brands. It displays the richest information about your content. It displays the total number of views for your posts from the past seven days. Also, it indicates which of your videos get more visibility within a short period. 

The content insights can be used to track the deeper results of each post. If you want to know each post’s analytics, just click the post thumbnail; it opens a unique dashboard. It displays the results of total likes, comments, shares, and views of your posts. But sometimes, taking the time to make effective content for brand awareness, the easy way to get more visibility in your posts is to buy TikTok views for your videos. The more views you have, the more brands will want to reach you to make their content. 

Profile Overview

It helps to know the results about how well your profile performs. It displays the results of your total profile views, video views, and followers count. 

Profile views – it displays how many of them visited your profile page, and also displays the day-based results like which content gets more engagement, how many new followers visited your page, and so on. 

Video views – it displays clear information about videos. For instance, it shows you all the video views from the last 7 or 28 days, which one gets more visibility, and so on. 

Follower count – it is one of the essential metrics to reach your brand. This dashboard will display the data from your number of followers. 

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