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Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Stories Hacks

Sales of Instagram Stories are skyrocketing. Since their release in November of 2017, they have been responsible for over 300 million daily views on the photo-sharing app.

But why do people find them so appealing?

We see similarities between Instagram Stories and reality television. People and businesses may talk about the things they’re making, doing, and experiencing on a regular basis. It’s impossible to see Instagram Stories not becoming popular given the ease with which users can follow their favourite businesses and profiles.

This article is for you if you or your company have an Instagram account and have ever wondered how to maximise its potential. Here is our compiled list of Instagram Story tricks that you can use. There are a variety of resources out there, some more well-known than others, that may assist you in developing insightful and powerful content.

10 Secrets to Instagram Stories

Plan Your Tales Skillfully

Attracting and converting your audience into leads and customers will always rely heavily on design. But not every layout is created equal.

Because of the visual nature of the information you’ll be included in your Instagram Stories, it’s important to have a firm grasp of the foundations of graphic design before you begin.

Create Drama with Your Brush

Preparing to release a new product or enter a new market? Do you need powerful and immediate methods to captivate your listeners?

The reveal cheat will facilitate both of these.
The final result is as follows:

  • Put up the picture you want to utilise for the big reveal in your narrative.
  • Choose the paintbrush icon, then the drawing tool, and finally the colour you want to use.
  • The next step is to paint the full image, filling the entire screen of your mobile device.
  • After you’ve covered the entire image, you can reveal specific parts by using the eraser tool. Here, simplicity is the key to excitement.

Hide Hashtags and Still Be Discovered

Need hashtags to be discoverable in searches but don’t want to clutter up your stories? Here are two workarounds for that minor problem:

First, you could combine your hashtags.
If you want to upload a picture, make sure it has a patch of uniform hue. We’ll cloak your hashtags here for privacy.

The next step is to include hashtags; Instagram will only identify hashtags that have a certain minimum size, so make sure they aren’t too little or your material won’t be discovered.
Second Choice: Cover them up with other stuff:

Add another component on top of your resized hashtags after you’ve uploaded your image and inserted them.

GIFs add life to any story

When used appropriately, GIFs may quickly go viral. For yours, we suggest using GIPHY. Every day, users from all around the world contribute to GIPHY’s already sizable archive of GIFs.

You’ll need to download the GIPHY app before you can utilise GIFs from that service in your posts if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Users on both iOS and Android may access GIPHY.

With GIPHY installed, you may embed your favourite GIFs into your posts.

Make Text-Based Stories More Engaging

More and more individuals are reading fiction because they want something engaging to do in their spare time. One approach to meeting this demand is to combine high-quality visuals and video with informative, natural-sounding text and audio.

See how @travelchannel uses photos and words to convey a story in the sample they provide below.

Prepare a Content Calendar

Social networking platforms for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are probably not new to you. Some even focus on Instagram users, you know.

In order to meet the needs of both content development and strategy, scheduling content is a useful tool. Check out Later, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social if you’re not already utilising a social media scheduling service to see what they have to offer. Using one might be a huge time saver.

Keep Timeless Tales for Future Publication

Do you have a tale that must be told more than once because of the vital information it contains? Instagram Stories may be downloaded and saved to the user’s camera roll.

Follow these steps to save your favourite tales:

Find the story you want to listen to, and then click the menu icon (three dots) in the lower right corner of the screen while the story is playing. Then, you should select “Save.”

Skillfully Refer to Other Sources

Instagram Stories remarks are a terrific method to increase interaction, but you need to use tact if you want your mentions to be seen and appreciated.

How can you get people interested in your story and in the person whose profile you wish to highlight?

Use upbeat, optimistic images and tone to grab attention.

Attachment to a brand grows exponentially when supported by striking visuals.

Rely on Your Logo’s Font

Consistently representing the company’s values is a smart move. If you can make your target audience feel at ease, it will go a long way towards influencing their purchasing decisions.

This clever workaround for Instagram posts allows you to incorporate your brand’s typography into your posts.

How? Read on!

Get Over for your iPhone or Android device. You may save time and effort by storing relevant information in Over. Logos, colour schemes, and typefaces all fall under this category.

Make Text using Gradient Fills

Instagram’s color-gradient text-editing tool is a fan favourite and a top pick among users of the app. You may make your words stand out with the help of some eye-catching colour effects for text.

Because most people don’t discover it until they’re experimenting with Instagram Stories and looking for new ways to create amazing content, this hack is one of the better-hidden gems out there.

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