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Why User-Created Content On TikTok Is Necessary For Your Business

TikTok is the hub of viral video content, hosting anything from dance challenges to the most popular songs of the moment. The platform’s 1 billion monthly users watch 25 million videos each online minute, making it ideal for spreading new fads. Such fads eventually swept the web as users shared them on other social media sites.

This is why, if used properly, TikTok can be an extremely effective marketing channel for businesses. Why not take use of TikTok’s most precious resource—its users—if you want your company and its goods to become viral on the platform? The virality of trends on TikTok may be directly attributed to the user-generated material that sparks the interest of other users, who in turn inspire even other users, and so on.

Very simply, UGC on TikTok refers to content created and uploaded by users.

TikTok’s user-created material is similar to that seen on other social networks. TikTok videos are user-created and content-created videos that include your brand.

They might be evaluating your product or demonstrating how to utilise it in the video. Perhaps they are taking part in a dance or other activity that you have set out as a TikTok challenge. They may also be making a video in response to a suggestion with your branded hashtag.

What Are the Benefits of TikTok’s Emphasis on User-Created Content?

Customers are more inclined to believe content that was produced by other customers who are similar to themselves since they trust those customers. According to a Stackla survey, most individuals believe that user-generated material is the most genuine. Eighty percent of those polled in the survey claimed that articles like this impact their shopping decisions.

As real-user material is more likely to strike a chord with TikTok’s audience, it stands to reason that it will also do well elsewhere. Using their video testing tool, Real Eyes, researchers found that user-generated content on TikTok averaged a 22 percentage point better score than branded content. As comparison to TikTok brand films and Facebook video advertisements, these UGC video were able to attract and retain viewers for far longer.

UGC videos were also found to have a far greater affective impact than brand videos. User-generated content on TikTok was 22% more effective than commercial videos at encoding emotion. Their decoding score was also significantly greater than those of Facebook advertisements (4.7x) and traditional ads (10x). This exemplifies the effectiveness of user-created content on TikTok in evoking strong feelings in your target audience.

Utilize User-Created Material on Your Site

Making videos for TikTok could appear simple at first because of how short they are. But, originality is essential on TikTok if you want to hook your viewers. Keeping your TikTok audience engaged requires you to always come up with fresh content ideas.

Use user-generated material to fill your TikTok page when you’re at a loss for what to post. Make the most of this chance to disseminate genuine testimonials and how-to guides from popular TikTok producers and users. You can then load your site with brand-positive material that will win over new consumers and also give your most loyal supporters the credit they so richly deserve.

Perhaps, you might take it a step further by Patchwork or Duetting with these user-created videos. With these tools, your social media staff may easily produce films that are based on material shared by your target demographic. You may also use this functionality to reply to viewer comments and queries from prior videos.

To prove that their clothing are worn by actual people, Fabletics often posts user-generated content (UGC) from their community of consumers. This not only offers them due credit, but also builds credibility prospective buyers.

Advertise on TikTok with user-generated video.

Your user-created material has potential uses outside only the TikTok platform. Don’t forget that we discussed how user-generated content (UGC) advertising perform better than brand videos on TikTok. The user-generated content you’ve gathered would be perfect for use in your advertisements, so why not use it?

You may make a compelling TikTok commercial by combining many review videos together with the consent of their respective producers. To increase sales, you may also use tutorial videos to create educational advertisements.

You may increase the reach of your UGC advertising campaign by including popular TikTok producers. Advertise your company by compiling films made by influencers for it. By doing so, you may get your business in front of an audience that is already familiar with the influencers in question.

Use User-Generated Content to Become Viral on TikTok

Making it big on TikTok requires user-created content. Yet, in order to ensure that your efforts bear fruit, you need to take a deliberate and methodical approach. Use the advice and suggestions we’ve made above to make the most of user-generated content (UGC) on TikTok.

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